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Agapostemon coloradinus, F, side 1, Shannon Co., S. Dakota_2014-01-09-14.42.33 ZS PMax by Sam Droege on Flickr.

A large bright green with blue overtones Agapostemon from Badlands National Park. One of several species present there and very similar to A. virescens and a bit tricky to tell apart. Photo by Wayne Boo with help from Ben Smith on upping the Photoshopping techniques.
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School is wack

Meet Lucy, a 3.2 million-year-old ancestor of ours. Though she looks like an ape, her knees were close together, just like a human’s! That positioned her feet directly under her body and made walking easier. 
See the final installment of Your Inner Fish tomorrow night (4/23) on PBS at 10/9c.
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seaside by Laura.Oliver on Flickr.
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untitled by wailintse on Flickr.
A couple of things I’ve learned in college


Don’t expect to win a verbal altercation if you don’t know a thing or two about the other person’s argument. In fact you should know the other persons argument better than they do.
The little things do matter. In fact, they matter the most.
A dollar can go a hell of a long way if you let it.
It doesn’t matter where you are. It always comes down to the company you’re with.
Make friends with everyone. The cashier, the mailman, the neighbor. It doesn’t hurt and who knows, you could get yourself a couple coupons. 
Sometimes you’ve got to feel some hurt to appreciate all of the other shit that you look past on a daily basis.
You can tell a lot about a person from how they act in stressful situations.
Don’t be someone who claims to have a certain belief but in times of pressure goes back on it. If you believe in something then stick to it. Don’t go boasting about your morals and then act in opposition to them.
You can impress people sure, but doing thinks in order to impress them and not because that’s what you really want to do is incredibly stupid.
Nobody really gives a shit. Everything runs a full circle back to oneself. 
Still, selflessness exceeds selfishness in action any day.
It doesn’t hurt to say please or thank you. 
Don’t get attached to anything or anyone because it will all be gone someday. 
Keep at least one stuffed animal. You would be surprised at how comforting one can be when you’re feeling shitty. 
Leave a bigger mark on others than they leave on you.
Stay two steps ahead minimum in every situation. From the cafeteria closing to someone insulting you. Two steps ahead.
Have a movie, book, or song quote for a variety of situations. It’s exciting when you get to use one of them in every day conversation and even more enjoyable when someone gets the reference.
Eat the cow tongue or weird smelling Indian food. You don’t know it’s gross until you try it. Hell, cow tongue isn’t that bad.
Up your vocabulary. Learn to speak intelligently. Don’t be a pretentious douchebag, but learn what words mean. 
Dont be afraid to buy someone else lunch or laundry soap from the store. A small favor can go a long way. 
Learn to enjoy your own company. Don’t be dependent on anyone else. Take yourself shopping or out to eat. You don’t need to be with someone else. No one is looking at you and pointing out how you’re by yourself. It doesn’t cross their mind until your hair turns grey and you’re using a walker.
Learn to cook at least one thing well. Gather some friends and cook the shit out of that meal for them. If they like it, they’ll keep you around a little longer if that is what you so desire.
Know your own limits and don’t let the persistence of others influence you. People can be shit when they’re trying to get what they want, always keep this in mind. Likewise, keep in mind people are going to be a lot nicer when they want something from you. Don’t be an idiot and think there’s a sudden change of heart. I’m not saying don’t do favors for other people. Just don’t let the way someone acts when they need something determine how you think they look at you. Be aware.
Shit is the most useful word in the dictionary next to the.
Context is everything.
Be competitive. Learn to win. Learn to lose. Win more than you lose. 
People beat around the bush more than they are straight forward more often than not. Get to the point. There’s no use wasting time that you don’t have or that you do have for that matter.
People are going to make it obvious that they look down upon you in many ways without explicitly saying it. Fuckem.
Everyone makes judgments. Just keep it in your head. There will be a lot of times where you need to keep your mouth shut. Don’t be obnoxious. 
Life doesn’t get easier. It gets harder. Learn to deal with it.
Learn. Learn. Learn. 
Learn to admit when you don’t know something. There’s nothing wrong with not knowing certain aspects of pop culture just like there’s nothing wrong with not knowing physics. There is something wrong with refusing to learn about either, rejecting them before you even try to understand them, and pretending to know things about them that you don’t. People feel good when they spread their knowledge to others even if they heckle you for a second for not knowing something that to them is seemingly obvious.
Chances are you’re worth a lot more than what you think. It’s okay to feel like you’re a million bucks. Just don’t do it at the sake of another person or their ability to do so. You can be lifted up without bringing others down. 
Be trustworthy. 
Some people will tell you that you’ve got plenty of time to figure things out and some will tell you that you’ve got to start hustling. They aren’t you. Their pace of life is different than yours. You’ll know somewhere in you whether or not you’re pacing yourself well enough or not.

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untitled by Hello, WANG, TZU HWA on Flickr.
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